June 6, 2012

Garden update!

Well I didn't do any regular grocery shopping this last week.  My inlaws were in town and all I did was hit walmart for my nephew's birthday gift and dog food.  Picked up a couple of clearance bakery goods and milk.  Still going to plan out my CVS trip, but that will happen later this week after I get paid.

Now on to the fun stuff!!!!!!!!!  GARDENING!  Whoohoo.. I finally got the rest of my garden planted.  Not everything has grown yet, or even made an appearance but due to weather I had to wait until Memorial day weekend to get things planted!  I have kept some Kale, Swiss Chard, lettuce & broccoli for fall crops as well.  I have 32 tomato plants.. yikes!  How did I get so many?  I have no clue.  I hate to waste things!  I started my own but they were so darn leggy I wasn't sure what was going to survive and what wouldn't.  So I planted them all and figured some would die off.. But nope not yet.  Oh well hopefully that means I'll get to can lots and lots of tomatoes this year!  I definitely have learned some for next years planting.  Going to change things a bit but overall I'm satisifed with my garden.  I also have intermingled some flowers within the beds to help pollination as well as my hanging baskets on the fence.  Still have to get some cheese cloth for my strawberries and my grape vines.  Darn birds keep getting my strawberries and they done picked all my grape buds clear off my vines!  Found some netting at a garage sale and covered up my berry bushes as I've got blueberries, blackberries and raspberries starting. 

Here's some hightlights of what I planted:
(and I only bought about 9 plants, which for me is hard to believe!  5 tomato, 1 green pepper, 2pks cauliflower  and 1 pk broccoli)

Green/sweet peppers
Hot peppers (variety, jalapeno, Habanero)
Swiss Chard
Various Melons
Various herbs

I will take additional pics as time goes on when they start making more progress.  I've already decided next year I'm going to do a few boxes as the square foot method, so I need to read up on that.  Wish I had done that this year but didn't and then I forgot what I planted where!  So I've got somethings growing I'm not really sure what it is.  Mostly herbs and greens that I can't remember.  Things like beans and peas are pretty easy to figure out.  lol

  Until next time!  Happy gardening!!!!!!!!!  I'll try to get some better pics this coming weekend, as the plants have grown so much in just 2 days since I took these pics!