July 30, 2014

Ways to make money online FREE & LEGIT! {Part 1}

 Welcome to Part 1 of how to make money online!

 In this segment I will be discussing various ways to earn money online for FREE for my Cash Stash! Yep that’s right FREE and LEGIT. There are so many more survey sites, money making apps, etc. that can help you build your cash stash. Making money online is an easy way to help build up your savings fund. It can be time consuming, but the end result can be worth it. For just an hour or so at night you can work on earning free gift cards or cash from home!

I’ve limited myself to the websites I know that work for me and my schedule. I usually spend about 1-2 hours at night working on 4 specific websites and I spend just enough time on my reward point sites to enter codes. Not too bad eh? My Cash Stash is any extra savings that is found or otherwise not already budgeted from our current finances. Anything going into this Cash Stash Fund is extra $$$ for us to use for our summer vacation, projects or just to build our savings!  At the bottom of this post I will have our current “Cash Stash” and do my best to keep it up to date.


Swagbucks by far is a super fun and easy way to earn money online! By doing searches, watching videos, taking surveys or even shopping you can earn swagbucks so quick and easy! I've also found with my new smart phone that I can watch videos on it and i can earn up to 50SWB a day just watching these videos!!!!  I let them run while I'm at work and my phone is plugged in, using free wifi to save my data!  SCORE!   Cash in for multiple prizes such as Amazon, Paypal, Walmart and more! With swagbucks I have earned well over $100s of dollars in cash and gift cards. They have a variety of options for you and you pick/choose what works best. I love using their shopping section for Christmas time especially when I’m earning extra points!  Click HERE to join Swagbucks!


Mypoints is another great site that you can earn points by searching, survey’s, reading emails, shopping and more! I’ve cashed in for $50 Amazon gift card and $25 Landry’s gift card that we used at T-Rex last summer during our Disney visit. What I love about Mypoints is it links up to my Bzzagent account which is another GREAT opportunity for earning points!


This is another way for me to earn Swagbucks points or cash in for Amazon gift cards! I have been using Bing for a few months now and I LOVE it. It’s so easy to earn the points and I can cash in for a variety of prizes from Xbox cards, amazon cards and even Swagbucks! You can earn up to 15 pts a day for searching and additional bonus emails that they send you. To date I have cashed in for over 2000 swagbucks! Click HERE to join BING!


Bzzagent is a great way to earn Mypoints while testing out new products! So far I have been in 14 campaigns over the last year. They send me a full size product or coupon for free product to try and give honest feedback on. See one of my reviews here. This has been a great way for me to try new products and earn Mypoints at the same time! I’ve tried some awesome products such as a Nerf Cyberhoop, Curel lotion, Hydroshick Razor and many more! Check them out HERE!


Yes Baby! Superpoints is back and better than ever! I was a member of Superpoints for years before they closed down. They are now back and raring to go! It’s super easy and they give you various options from surveys, shopping, offers and of course your daily spins! Earn points to earn various gifts and the higher level you get the higher the prizes are! Click to HERE  join Superpoints *Please note this is a member only site by invitation only* 

Other sites that can help you make money as well!

www.disneymovierewards.com – You enter points found on your Disney movies or by special codes and games they offer. You can earn gifts, movies or even Disney Gift Cards! I cashed in for 3 $10 cards around Christmas.

www.mycokerewards.com – Coke points are found on any coke related products, look for the codes on the caps, cases, 12 pks, or bottles. Coke will occasionally also offer bonus points throughout the year, please note you are limited to 120 pts a week. You can earn gift cards, magazines, prizes and coupons for free 12 pk. They also offer a 12 days of Christmas usually in November or December where they give a flash deal of a gift card or prize for a special marked down points. I saved all my points up through the year for the 12 days of Christmas they have. This year I cashed in for $25 Nike card, $25 Target and $25 Best buy and a FREE 12 pk coupon! The gift cards made great Christmas gifts! All 3 of these cards went into my husband’s Christmas stocking as a surprise bonus!

www.freshstep.com/paw-points - I just started using this website, so I haven’t got any prizes yet, but it looks like you can get free cat litter and coupons on here for Fresh Step litter.

www.inboxdollars.com – This is another site that you can earn money from. I’m almost to the $30 cashout mark. This is a site I have not utilized very heavily, due to time. But I’ve heard others have cashed out in a month for $30! Always worth a try!

www.recyclebank.com – I’ve used this site for years and while it doesn’t make me a lot, I have cashed in mostly for coupons and 1 $5 amazon card. The rewards seem to vary each time. I don’t use diapers anymore but you can also earn points at these websites where you earn points to cash in for free stuff!


Hopefully these will give you some ideas or some additional cash!  My current cash stash is the following:

$145 from point earning websites, not including gift cards!

 Stay tuned for Part 2, how to make money by selling on line.


*The links provided are based on a referral through the site, I earn to a point when you earn.*

July 28, 2014

Superpoints is BACK!

Yes you heard me right! Superpoints is back! I am so excited, I loved superpoints before it closed last year. This is one of the many ways I earn my christmas money! I am starting on next years fund already and between my swagbucks and mypoints, I'm already over $100 So so excited that superpoints is back and it is legit. If you'd like to earn free stuff, gift cards and much more check it out! It's free to sign up with this link https://www.superpoints.com/join/yxq6pOIBKoBC6rGJFOd-yeyujto and earn! In the next few days I will be posting other ways to earn money online and what I'm doing in building my 2015 Christmas fund! Till next time, Momma