March 7, 2013

Product Review - Fructis Triple Nutrition

So I recently signed up wtih Bzz Agent and I was invited to a campaign.  The campaign was to try the new product Garnier Triple Nutrition.  I got my sample bottle about a week ago and I was super excited to try this new product.  I have really dry brittle hair and very dry skin during the winter time especially.  Well I opened the package and went to give it a try and the spray didn't work.  It is a spry bottle, the spray should work right?  Well this bottle was missing the tube attachment that attaches to the sprayer, you know the tube that should get the oil to the sprayer and then out.  So what do I do well, I improvise!  I may not be able to spray as I'd like but I did use the oil by pouring it in my hand. 

First I used it on my hair, which is very dry and brittle.  It seemed to help some, but left a greasy feel to it.  I' not sure if it's because my hair is so dry or if it's just the oil it helped some but not extraordinary.  I did notice though as I was pouring the oil on my hands for my hair that my hands were alot softer after this.  My hands get very very dry during the winter months, sometimes they crack and bleed they get so dry.  Well this oil (even with the greasy feel) left my hands so soft, I was shocked!  I then started to use it on my face and continue on my hands.  It has made a huge differenc on my skin.  I plan to start using it on my lower legs next as I have bad excema there during the winter.  If it helps with that I'm hooked!

The bottle is attrative and clear, it comes with a pump that should theoretically work, if the bottle is assembled right.  Mine wasn't but I can't complain the overall product still works. I've looked forit in the stores and it seems a little pricey at $5.99 typically for a 6oz bottle.  I guess it will be the ultimate question on how well it continues to work if I will consider buying it for continued use. 

Overall I give the product a B, mainly because of the greasiness of the product that it leaves behind.  It's a very thin oil, so it's not thick or heavy. 

Disclosure:  I received a free bottle for trial, I was not paid to write any review and all reviews are soley my opinion.