April 20, 2012

Ham & Cheese Casserole

So last night was the final day I could take my FINAL final exam.  I am now officially done with school FOREVER!  And believe me I have the student loans to show it!  Ugh.. that will be the death of me.  But I now will have my BS, MBA and a PMP certificate.  Can’t ask for much more then that to help further my career, atleast that is what I tell myself.  J  Especially not knowing what is going to happen with my company come Nov/Dec. when they are splitting the company into two separate companies.  Shall be interesting that’s for sure, never know with these Fortune500 companies.  Anyways…….  What I did for dinner was a simple, quick and easy meal that can be interpreted many different ways. 

I didn’t do a ham for Easter, I have one just didn’t cook it.  I know bad mom, but my family is not your typical, Sunday Church people either so (with all due respect), we all went to lunch instead. 

So, what I did have for this recipe was some ham frozen from Christmas, I used to buy the expensive cubed ham at the store, until it dawned on me, Doh! (light going off here)  I can use my leftover ham, from making a ham.  I normally gave that stuff away!  Yep I’m that lazy.  Still had ham from Christmas to use, go figure.  Well I have been only a little busy (kids, work, school, housework, garden, etc.) you get the picture I’m sure.  Last night knowing I needed a quick and easy meal so I had time for my final and still to watch AI and Survivor (poor Colton!)  I pulled out my frozen ham, pasta, mushroom soup, Velveeta and canned tomatoes. What I really like about this recipe is the versatility.  You can make as much or as little, add veggies or whatever else you want!  Here’s what I put together: 

Ham and Cheese Casserole:

I made this in a skillet but it can easily be made in a casserole pan as well.

Chopped or cubed ham
4 oz Velveeta cheese
Pasta shells (or other noodles) (I used ½ box)
1 Can canned tomatoes – any flavor
1 can cream of mushroom soup
½ cup Milk
Shredded cheese.
Italian seasoning
Garlic powder

  1. Boil pasta as per directions. Drain and mix into either casserole dish or skillet
  2. Pour in soup and ½ can milk, mix good.
  3. Mix in chunks of ham
  4. Cut in chunks of Velveeta (easier for melting if they are small)
  5. Mix in canned tomatoes & all seasonings
  6. If cooking in oven, cover and heat 20 min, uncover and top with cheese.  If cooking in skillet, cover and let simmer about 10-15 min.  Stirring occasionally to mix in cheese.
  7. Top with shredded cheese and let melt.

I topped mine with mozzarella cheese, it’s all I had, and some additional pepper to the top.  I used Hunt’s spicy red pepper tomatoes this time.  They gave it a little kick but nothing too much.  Did I mention I hate spicy?

See quick and easy and so yummy!  I served with brown n serve dinner rolls.

And as always checkout many more wonderful recipes over at Dishing It Up.

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  1. My youngest will love this! 2 of his most favorite foods: ham & cheese :) Thank you for sharing with us!!