January 30, 2013

~Freezer Cooking Trial~

Well I took about 3-4 days but I did start my freezer cooking.  And boy did I find A LOT of ideas and recipes.  So based on what I had on hand or was able to buy cheaply here’s what I made:
I froze the following:
2 -  pans Baked Ravioli, recipe is HERE. I used my homemade sneaky spaghetti sauce for this.
1  - bag homemade spaghetti sauce (from canned tomatoes from my garden)
1 -Sausage & Peppers crockpot meal.  This is new for us so we’ll try it.  Recipe from HERE.
2  - bags of porkchops in homemade marinade.
1  - bag of strip steaks in homemade marinade.
10 lbs of ground beef – used some for the spaghetti sauce, 1 night of tacos and froze 4 pkgs. With a family of 5 I use atleast 2 lbs when I make things like tacos and enchiladas.  You can find my enchilada recipe HERE .
2 - bags of marinaded chicken, going to use this for this Chicken Italiano.
1 - bag of shredded chicken for enchiladas. 

4 - small loaves Strawberry bread – recipe coming.  J

Breakfast melts – interesting recipe, may need some tweaking.  Recipe HERE from Pioneer Woman.

3 - Breakfast Egg loaves – Recipe coming! J  I had half of one of these for breakfast this am and it was REALLY good.  I am definitely going to stock up on eggs to make plenty more!

I also got a 13 lb ham from my grandmother, so I cut that up into smaller chunks to use for casseroles etc.  and I made plenty of Chicken stock.

I also made:
2 -big loaves banana bread & 4 small loaves.  They are pretty much gone, my husband took the big loaves to work and my kids devoured most of the rest.
*All that was left as of last night!

That is in addition to multiple freezer bags of veggies from the garden still and I have 3 bags with 5 ears each of corn on the cob for future meals.

It’s not an over abundance, but it’s a start.  Found LOTS of recipes, but a lot of things my husband won’t eat a lot of the other stuff.  Sigh.  Oh well, I do what I can. J  I have plenty more to try, my #`1 goal was to do breakfast ideas for me at work.  I spend way too much $$ at work in the cafe.  So as of today, this week I have spent .70.  for 1 bowl of hot cereal.  That was it.

 If anyone has any other ideas, let me know! 


  1. I love packing the freezer. I don't always do the cooking part before the freezer but I just cut up 15 pounds of chicken into tenders and marinated and bagged them for future dinners. I don't know if your family likes brown rice but it is super easy to cook a really big pot for dinner one night and freeze all the leftovers for the next time. I try to work it into my normal meal plan so I don't have to set aside a day to do it all at once but it looks like you did a great job!!! Can't wait to see the recipe on the Strawberry bread. I am also super healous of the corn because when it comes in this house, it gets eaten and I didn't save any. I am going to have to next year :) I highly suggest doing pizza dough in the freezer. I have a great recipe and I usually make it for pizza night and freeze the other half but it would be great to crank out a bunch and stock the shelves. I started making pizza dippers and garlic knots so we aren't getting any extra pizza dough in the freezer which is a problem.

    1. Hi Alison! Thanks for the ideas, my husband won't eat rice he's pretty much a meat and potato guy. But I like the idea of the pizza dough! I'm going to have to try that. Strawberry bread recipe is coming soon! Turned out pretty good I must say. :)